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Yokohama Tyres

    Yokohama is a Japanese tyre manufacturing company, contributing to the pneumatic tyre industry since over a hundred years. Yokohama is rising in popularity due to its superior performance in both dry and wet conditions. Moreover, Yokohama induces the latest innovations in its tyres to facilitate superior service life.

    Car owners looking to buy Yokohama tyres Peacehaven can find a wide variety at CVS Tyres Ltd. We retail all Yokohama tyre variants to cater to diverse customer driving requirements. Yokohama tyres Peacehaven can be purchased conveniently from our website.

    We offer in-house or mobile fitting services.

    Yokohama tyre variants available at CVS


    Advan Fleva V701

    One of the best-selling summer tyres from Yokohama, this variant comes with a harder rubber compound along with a robust centre rib. These, along with shallow tread depth, facilitate improved car control and braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces.


    W.Drive V903

    A highly popular winter tyre among people searching for affordable “tyres near me”, this model features a unique and deep tread pattern. Further, the W.Drive V903 also comes with dense sipes that improve resistance against aquaplaning risks. An absorptive rubber compound enhances vehicle manoeuvrability as well.


    Advan A052

    A premium performance tyre, the Advan A052 is manufactured with a top-grade rubber compound that prevents overheating, reducing blowout chances drastically. These tyres are ideal for high-octane enthusiasts, offering unmatched car control and steering precision at high speeds.


    Advan Sport V105

    Specifically manufactured for off-roading purposes, the Advan Sport V105 is a reliable option for car owners looking to buy Yokohama 4x4 tyres Peacehaven. These come with wide shoulder blocks and deep grooves that improve car handling and stability on uneven terrains.

    Other Yokohama tyre variants we sell are:

  • Run-flat: ENVigor ZPS
  • All-season: Bluearth-4S AW21
  • So, delay no more and buy your Yokohama tyres Peacehaven from us.

    You can find us at Unit 11, Farrington Enterprise Estate, Hoyle Rd, Peacehaven BN10 8LW to check our collection first hand.

    Please do not hesitate to call us on 01273 307831 if you need any further assistance.

All tyres by Yokohama Tyres
Yokohama A008P
Price from £181.44
Yokohama A052
Price from £233.04
Yokohama A10A
Price from £180.36
Yokohama A34
Price from £111.72
Yokohama A349
Price from £82.80
Yokohama A539
Price from £114.48
Yokohama AC02
Price from £108.54
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