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Goodyear Tyres

    Named after Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanised rubber, Goodyear is an American tyre manufacturing company ranking 5th in the Top 10 Tyre in 2021 as per a survey. They have been making quality tyres for commercial vehicles, SUVs, sports cars and other vehicle types.

    Furthermore, this tyre brand has a rich history in motorsport events. They have an unbeaten record of winning the 368 Formula One Grand Prix.

    We, at CVS Tyres Ltd., are a supplier of Goodyear tyres Peacehaven, ensuring you get unmatched driving performance with on-road safety. Our in-house experts perform quality checks on the tyres before selling them and help you pick suitable Goodyear car tyres Peacehaven.

    Online Goodyear tyres sale

    If you are searching for Goodyear “tyres near me” online, do not hesitate to browse through our Goodyear tyre collection from our website and make a purchase. You just need to provide your car registration number or tyre size details and place an order.

    Therefore, we are a one-stop solution to your Goodyear tyre requirements.

    Mobile tyre-fitting facility

    If you reside in the locality, you can opt for our mobile tyre-fitting service at your convenience. Simply book an appointment with your tyre order. We will arrive at your destination in a fully equipped van to replace your vehicle’s tyres.

    Best-selling Goodyear tyres Peacehaven we offer

    In the following section, you will find a short list of some of our available Goodyear tyres that might help you make a choice effortlessly:

    Summer variants

    Summer variants come with an enhanced wet grip performance. One such tyre from Goodyear is the EfficientGrip Performance 2. It consists of several long gripping edges to efficiently evacuate water, making it a variant with optimum wet-braking technology. Besides, the large tread ribs at the centre enable high stiffness, which offers driving stability. Therefore, this EU-label tyre is an ideal choice for comfortable summer rides.

    Winter variants

    UltraGrip 9+, a winter tyre with excellent fuel efficiency due to less rolling resistance, is a great choice for those looking to buy Goodyear tyres Peacehaven. Engineered with a unique tread compound that enables elasticity at low temperatures, this variant offers an outstanding grip on snow. Furthermore, the high tread flexibility leads to increased mileage.

    All-season variants

    All-season tyres are generally appropriate for drives in mild temperatures. They are a cost-effective option if you are reluctant to swap car tyres Peacehaven twice a year.

    Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 is an all-season variant that sports high-density 3D waffle blades, offering strong traction on snow and ice. The Goodyear Weather Reactive Technology makes this tyre adaptable to seasonal changes.

    Some more tyres from Goodyear are:

    • Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 SUV (4X4)
    • UltraGrip Performance (Run-flat)
    • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 (UHP)

    Therefore, we cover all your demands when it comes to purchasing Goodyear tyres Peacehaven.

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